May 2009


Together, We’re Pioneering Discovery to Prevent, Treat, and End Lupus!

Think of it.

  • An entirely new approach—using adult stem cells—to suppressing the overactive immune system of lupus

  • Innovative tiny drug delivery “magic bullets”

  • Promising urine biomarkers (“early markers”) tested to predict the onset and progression of lupus nephritis.

These are just a few of the $2.9 million in 11 wide-ranging new grants we’ve recently awarded to propel discovery in lupus.

Find out more, and how these projects harness exciting emerging technologies to advance new lupus treatments, on our new Web site.


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Be an Ambassador for Lupus Awareness—It’s Lupus Awareness Month!

An incredible 80 percent of young women in America say they have little or no knowledge of lupus—yet they’re the ones most at risk for developing the disease.

Finally that may change with the powerful new public service advertising campaign.

As a partner with the Ad Council, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office on Women’s Health, and other government and lupus agencies, we helped to collect real-life “diary” stories and to shape the message to appear nationwide on mass transit, radio, billboards, and more.

Have you seen it?

Have all your young female friends seen it?

Share this link with them so that they, too, know to ask: "Could I have lupus?"


Shop for Mom--and Lupus!-- this Mother's Day!

Order flowers and more through our online shopping portal, Click on "Flowers & Gifts" for a complete list of our partners:, ProFlowers, and many more. They donate up to 15% of proceeds from your purchase to lupus research. Check it out!