September 2009

The Lupus Research Institute is now an official charity of the "Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)"

If you, or someone you know, works for the federal government, the military, or the U.S. Postal Service, designate the LRI as a charity of choice for CFC donations! 

Fuel discoveries with every paycheck. 

For the first time ever, the Lupus Research Institute is an official charity of the “Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).” Every Fall, all federal and U.S. Postal employees participate in the Combined Federal Campaign and allocate a portion of their pay checks to a selection of pre-approved charities.

This means that you, or anyone else you know who works for the federal government, military or U.S. Postal Service, can designate $10, $20, $50, or another portion of your biweekly paycheck as a donation to innovative lupus research at the Lupus Research Institute.  

Designate your CFC contribution to the Lupus Research Institute by using our CFC code number - #48891.  

Please forward this message today to family and friends, as CFC Campaigns have started across the country and around the world.

(Here’s a trick if you’re not sure--see who in your
email address book has a “.gov” extension!)

And if you’re not a federal or U.S. Postal Service employee, see if your workplace conducts a United Way or workplace charitable campaign for which you can designate a gift to the Lupus Research Institute. Many do.  

Our efforts combined can find a cure!

Thank you

Angel Washington
38 years old
Detroit, Michigan

“When I got lupus, the mornings were the worst. It took me at least 2 to 3 hours to roll out of the bed to get my day started, I could barely stand up because my legs, arms and hips would ache so badly, but once I got started, I made it through that day.”

• Angel is one of more than 1.5 million Americans—and millions more worldwide—who suffers from the chronic autoimmune disease, systemic lupus erythematosus (“lupus”)

• Lupus can be devastating, attacking joints, kidneys, heart, and other vital organs and tissues.

• Mostly young women get lupus, but people of any age and gender can be affected.  

• The Lupus Research Institute pioneers discoveries to cure lupus.

About the LRI - Pioneering Discovery to Prevent, Treat, and Cure Lupus
The Lupus Research Institute (LRI)—the world’s leading private supporter of innovative research in lupus—champions innovation, encourages scientific creativity and risks exploring uncharted territory to bring new scientific solutions to the complex and dangerous autoimmune disease of lupus.  Founded by families and shaped by scientists, the Institute mandates sound science and rigorous peer review to uncover and support only the highest ranked novel research.  Its bold and proven research strategy places the LRI at the forefront of lupus science as the Institute consistently achieves the breakthrough discoveries, novel insights and solid results that are changing the course of lupus research and bringing new hope to people with lupus nationwide.  To learn more about lupus and the Lupus Research Institute, visit

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