May 2010

World of Lupus Research Expands as Florida Joins LRI National Coalition

Addition of State of Florida on World Lupus Day 2010 Pumps Extra Strength into Patient’s Voice for Lupus Research

This World Lupus Day 2010 we proudly welcome the Lupus Foundation of Florida to our LRI National Coalition of state and local lupus organizations united to cure lupus. 

“Our National Coalition covers both coasts and the nation’s major urban centers,” said LRI President Margaret G. Dowd. “This addition of the bulk of the state of Florida and the estimated 90,000 people with lupus that live in the state—gives added might to our already powerful ‘patients’ voice for research to cure a disease that affects more than 1.5 million Americans. We warmly welcome them into the fold as LRI marks a decade a of pioneering discovery in lupus.”

“We’ve been following the LRI National Coalition for a long time,” said Maggi McQueen, chairman of the board of the Lupus Foundation of Florida, Inc., “and are now ecstatic to be a part of it—in large part because of the cutting-edge research that the organization funds. And we’re also very excited about the National Coalition’s grants to physician and patient education.”

Begun in 1979, the Florida foundation provides services, education, advocacy, physician referral, continuing education and more for a 47-county area—all but the state’s panhandle represented by the Lupus Support Network (also an LRI National Coalition member) and a handful of counties in the state’s southern tip.

The Florida foundation has also funded research nationally and at the University of Florida Center for Autoimmune Disease in Gainesville, where it has supported $56,000 in lupus work headed by Westley Reeves, MD—one of three Gainesville researchers who have received LRI Novel Research Grants for innovative work in lupus.

“It’s fitting that we grow stronger on such an important day for all people with lupus,” said Dowd, on World Lupus Day. Now the world’s leading private supporter of innovative lupus research, the Lupus Research Institute and its National Coalition bring hope to the estimated 5 million people worldwide with the disease. Visitors from around the globe regularly log on to for updates on progress towards a cure.

Since its creation in 2004, the LRI National Coalition has achieved solid results in championing awareness, education, and action on lupus on Capitol Hill, catalyzing involvement in clinical trials through, and fighting to eliminate racial disparities in the diagnosis and treatment of lupus.

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