October 2010


An independent review released today exceeds all our expectations.
It’s been a decade of unprecedented discovery, rapid progress, and solid impact.

High Risk Leading to Great Reward


Funding Successful Research and Driving Discovery

80% of investigators were successful

  • Published their discoveries in top peer-reviewed journals
  • and/or obtained major follow-on funding to take next steps

LRI is rapidly building a foundation for future research: grant holders published their results in 123 original peer-reviewed research papers, including 30 landmark papers. LRI research has been cited over 4,000 times by other researchers in the field.


$100 million for new research in lupus from the $22 million invested*

  • $100 million includes $84 million from the National Institutes of Health
  • all new research happening because of the LRI investment


Changing the Field - Spurring the Growth of Lupus Research

  • 220 scientists at work on all new research that would not have happened without LRI’s commitment to novel research
  • 40% of researchers came from other disciplines to work on lupus for the first time
  • 80% of the researchers new to lupus have remained in the field, many building new labs


Translating Discoveries into New Treatments, Picking Up the Pace

  • 20% of LRI grant holders already are moving research discoveries from the bench to the clinic
  • Several patents for new biomarkers or therapeutic approaches already are in the works

•  HOPE 
                …for people with lupus and their families

As its next decade begins, the LRI remains steadfast in its determination to

  • take risks
  • think outside the box
  • bring only the best new ideas and imaginative, creative new science to lupus.

    "The LRI stands for hope and the possibility of a future of a life without lupus. Our scientists are now doing groundbreaking research—especially in the biology of human lupus—and leveraging millions of dollars at the NIH. Because of this extraordinary progress, I am very hopeful for lupus patients like me, my young niece, and the many others who struggle daily with this disease." 

    - Jennie DeScherer, person with lupus, mother, wife, long-time LRI supporter




* The LRI has funded 108 investigators and invested a total of $30 million to date; this report analyzed the work of the 75 who have completed their 3-year Novel Research grants totaling $22 million.

10 YEARS AGO scientists and families with lupus set upon a bold venture: to shake up the field of lupus research and drive discovery in lupus through innovation.

We Resolved to

- take risks
- think outside the box
- bring only the best new ideas and imaginative, creative new science to lupus…

About the LRI
The world’s leading private supporter of innovative research in lupus, the LRI champions scientific risk-taking in the hunt for solutions to this complex and dangerous autoimmune disease.

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