June 2011

Here Comes the Class of 2012!
The Next Generation of Discovery – The New Science in Lupus 

We recently reported on the new energy and exciting new ideas emerging in the field of lupus research. 

Here’s more evidence: 

  • We have just received more than one hundred Lupus Research Institute grant applications — the most ever for coveted LRI novel research grants.
  • Many investigators who have applied are new to lupus. They bring innovative ideas across a range of scientific specialties. 

  • Others are established leaders in the field of lupus research. 

  • In all, they come from over 66 academic research institutions across the country — from the Mayo Clinic to Yale to Seattle Children’s Hospital and beyond. 

  • This summer, after rigorous peer review evaluation by our scientific advisory board, the best new ideas will be selected for LRIs Class of 2012.

Previous LRI Grant Recipients

Our novel research applications have doubled. Now let’s double the dollars available to fund the best new science in lupus research.

Our Goal: 100 gifts of $1,000 each by June 30, 2011!

Your contribution will help fund the brightest, boldest, most promising novel research in lupus.

Thank you.

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About the LRI
The world’s leading private supporter of innovative research in lupus, the LRI champions scientific risk-taking in the hunt for solutions to this complex and dangerous autoimmune disease.

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