October 17, 2011

LRI Launches Bold Global Research Initiative

The Lupus Research Institute (LRI) is pleased to announce a major international initiative aimed at attracting the highest level scientists worldwide to conduct pioneering novel research to uncover the fundamental root causes of lupus, explore the potential for a cure, and transform the field of lupus research.

The initiative is being made possible via an $8 million grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies.

This very generous grant allows the LRI to begin to award $1 million grants for large-scale innovative projects that can break open the problem of fundamental cause and lay the scientific foundation for a cure. The announcement was made among the nation’s foremost scientists gathered at the 11th annual LRI Scientific Conference, “Forum for Discovery.” More »

Michael R. Bloomberg

Michael R. Bloomberg, philanthropist and Mayor of New York City notes in our press release why supporting this initiative is important:

  • Time of great need: “Lupus is a too-often overlooked disease that affects 1.5 million Americans in this country, and thousands of New Yorkers.”
  • Time for action: “This grant will fuel the work of the Distinguished Innovators Program and further LRI’s demonstrated track record in significantly advancing medical discovery.” 

“I am confident this investment will help advance efforts to find both the basic causes of this complex disease and the cure.”

Dr. William Paul, LRI Scientific Advisory Board Chairman, describes why our advisors support this effort and why the LRI is uniquely able to launch it. (Dr. Paul is a world-leading immunologist and a member of the National Academy of Sciences.)

The Distinguished Innovators Program will:

  • Broaden the lupus research community: “The initiative will solicit the highest level of scientific innovators from many disciplines to cross-pollinate ideas.”
Dr. William Paul
  • Drive towards a cure: “With the growing knowledge base and technological advances achieved over the past decade, including many studies initiated by LRI funding, we are ready to investigate novel scientific approaches to pursue the fundamental causes of lupus, and move scientific thinking towards the potential for cure and for prevention!”
  • With the right organization to lead the charge: “The Lupus Research Institute has had unprecedented success in selecting novel scientific ideas that have led to some of the most pivotal discoveries of the past decade. The Scientific Advisory Board has confidence in the LRI’s ability to identify innovative projects with substantial promise.”

LRI’s Distinguished Innovators will begin as a highly competitive, high profile program with selected projects eligible to receive $1 million awards. The goal is to attract additional major donors to provide the resources for building a cadre of outstanding investigators committed to the long-term pursuit of a cure.

We are delighted to share this very exciting good news that benefits the entire lupus community.

Best regards,
Margaret Dowd
President and CEO, Lupus Research Institute

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