January, 2012

Lupus Research Institute Launches Global Distinguished Innovator Research Initiative to Uncover the Root Causes of Lupus that can Lead
to a Cure

Call For Grant Proposals

The Lupus Research Institute (LRI) launched today its new global Distinguished Innovator Awards program inviting proposals for $1 million grants to conduct cutting-edge research with the greatest promise for transforming the lives of people with lupus. The awards will be given to outstanding established scientists worldwide proposing innovative projects that pair unconventional creativity with sound science to discover the fundamental causes of lupus and unlock the potential for a cure.

The new initiative will run in parallel to the LRI’s well-established Novel Research Grant program, which has led to many of the decade’s most pivotal discoveries in lupus. With the additional Distinguished Innovator Award, the LRI now offers researchers opportunities to delve deeply into the root causes of lupus as well as to open up a breadth of novel directions for further exploration. Together the two grant programs further elevate LRI’s unparalleled stature as the world’s leading private supporter of novel research in lupus today. To apply for the Distinguished Innovator Awards program or the Novel Research Grant program, please visit http://lupusresearchinstitute.org/research/grant_application. Read more about the program in the formal press release announcement that went out today to media outlets across the country.

As the name suggests, the Distinguished Innovator initiative seeks to attract exceptional researchers worldwide who can match scientific rigor with innovative vision in pursuing projects that can get to the root of lupus,” noted world-leading immunologist Dr. William Paul, LRI Scientific Advisory Board Chairman and member of the National Academy of Sciences.

“It’s first, it’s bold, it’s novel, it’s high-reward with challenge and risk,” said LRI President and CEO Margaret Dowd. “But funding the most novel, innovative research is what we do and do best.”

To JoAnn Quinn, Lupus Patient & Member of the LRI National Coalition, this announcement brings

Hope I haven’t felt since I was diagnosed 40 years ago.

*Images provided by A. Zychlinsky and V. Brinkmann (Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Berlin) and by Matthew Carasella.

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The world’s leading private supporter of innovative research in lupus, the LRI champions scientific risk-taking in the hunt for solutions to this complex and dangerous autoimmune disease.

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