Leveraging LRI-Funded Studies—$22 Million Generates $100 Million

A total of $22 million was invested in the six grant groups reviewed as part of this report. To date, the original investment has expanded into $100 million in follow-on lupus research funding from the NIH, other non-profit funding organizations and industry.

  • 45 of the investigators (60 percent) obtained large-scale funding to expand their LRI research
  • 50 grants, valued at over $84 million in total, were awarded to the LRI investigators by the NIH

$100 million for new research

Over 220 research scientists are working to further develop research themes that originated from LRI-funded work. This critical mass of scientists includes principal investigators, as well as fellows and graduate students, who are being equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be future research leaders in lupus.

“The LRI strategy of funding novel scientific ideas in lupus has more than demonstrated its power. The LRI model strengthens the lupus research landscape by moving novel concepts forward to secure large-scale federal funding, and expanding targets for eventual treatment strategies that can benefit patients.”

—William E. Paul, MD, chief of the Laboratory of Immunology at NIAID-NIH, NIH Distinguished Investigator and chair of the LRI Scientific Advisory Board

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