LRI Novel Grant to Yale Investigator Garners Large-Scale Federal Funding

The NIH has approved a $1.13 million grant to Yorgo Modis, PhD, Department of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, Yale University – a direct evolution of his LRI Novel Research Project. Dr. Modis’ work on intricate three-dimensional structures of the TLR (toll-like receptor) -- proteins that recognize genetic material important in lupus -- has now won a total of $1,630,000 in extended funding to advance new insights into these key players. “I want to thank LRI for funding our research early on, at a time when it was too risky and preliminary for NIH funding,” said Dr. Modis. “This major NIH grant is a testament to the valueof the LRI grants in promoting research in lupus. It would not have been possible without the LRI!”