LRI Coalition Member Gathering Support for Petition Against Fail First Step Therapy

Katheleen ArntsenLupus Foundation of Mid and Northern New York, Inc.’s President/CEO Kathleen Arntsen is asking New Yorkers to sign a new petition in support of Assembly Bill 9397/Senate Bill 6464 by Assembly Member Matt Titone (D-Staten Island) and State Sen. Catharine Young (R-Olean). Step therapy Provisions in the New York bill would permit a doctor to override an insurer’s step therapy requirements.

Many health insurers require step therapy, also known as “fail first protocol,” meaning that the cheapest drug be tried first and fail before doctors can prescribe more costly medications. After each failure, the next more expensive drug can be used, stepping up one drug at a time.  The most expensive drug can only be tried after all other medications have failed.

Arntsen told reporters from American News Report that her goal is not to eliminate step-therapy but to make it “less-complicated, with a clear and concise override process to give physicians back their power to prescribe the most appropriate treatment.”