LRI Funding an Exploding Area in Lupus Research – Toll-like Receptors

Journal of Immunology Introducing Toll-like receptors (TLRs) – new words and acronyms we must learn to follow our scientists into a new world of discovery and drug development. Lupus Research Institute (LRI)-funded scientists were pioneers in this area, linking the family of immune cell proteins called Toll-like receptors with lupus. In fact, one LRI-funded investigator was the first to uncover genetic evidence linking a specific TLR to the disease.

First discovered for their role in protecting against infection, TLRs have emerged as possible instigators of lupus with several TLR inhibitors now approaching clinical trials. Two published papers in the Journal of Immunology share findings that contribute significantly to advancing knowledge in this exciting area of research.


Dr. Edward Chan

Dr. Kevin Nickerson

Dr. Edward Chan Dr. Kevin Nickerson