How to Apply for a Lupus Research Grant from LRI

The LRI offers two opportunities for scientists to apply for funding to support their work – the Distinguished Innovator Awards and Novel Research Grants.

The global Distinguished Innovator Awards program, launched in 2012, invites proposals from US and international investigators for grants of up to $1 million to conduct cutting-edge projects with the greatest promise for transforming the lives of people with lupus. The program awards outstanding established scientists proposing exceptional, innovative projects that pair unorthodox creativity with sound science to discover the fundamental root causes of the disease that can unlock the potential to cure and prevent lupus.

The initiative runs in parallel to the LRI’s well-established Novel Research Grant program, which has led to many of the decade’s most pivotal discoveries in lupus. This Grant program provides $300,000 for three-year projects with bold yet sound scientific hypotheses in lupus and is open to US-based investigators only.

2014 Distinguished Innovator Awards Program

2014 Novel Research Grant Program

2013 Distinguished Innovator Awards Program

2013 Distinguished Innovator Award Recipients

David Tarlinton, PhD, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Kenneth Smith, MD, PhD, University of Cambridge

2013 Novel Research Grant Program

2013 Novel Research Grant Recipients To Be Announced

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