Lupus Research Institute Earns A+ from American Institute of Philanthropy

Only lupus organization designated a “Top Rated Charity” by national charity watchdog

Of the over 500 charities rated by the American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) this year, the Lupus Research Institute (LRI) is the nation’s only lupus organization to meet the stringent standards for financial efficiency and accountability and win a spot on the “Top Rated Charity” list. The fiercely independent and nonprofit AIP helps donors make informed giving decisions.

“We’re proud that the AIP has recognized how streamlined, strategic, and efficient we are in our hunt for better treatments and a cure for lupus,” said LRI President Margaret G. Dowd. “We know that the LRI is a very smart investment in scientific discovery in lupus. This AIP “A+” designation confirms it.”

At “A+” the LRI received the AIP’s highest rating—and a grade earned by only 4% of the nation’s 500 (AIP-rated) charities.

The LRI directly channels 92 cents of every dollar donated right back to the programs supporting brilliant and determined lupus researchers making discoveries in their laboratories.

The AIP designates top-rated charities as those who spend 75 percent or more of their budgets on programs and $25 or less to raise $100 in public support. Additionally, these charities do not hold excessive assets in reserve, and also get “open-book” status for disclosing documents and basic financial information.

“The American Institute of Philanthropy is the pit bull of watchdogs. Its staff members dig deeper than most other overseers, going to state and Federal records to get information that charities do not volunteer, honing in on program efficiency and exposing abuses,” wrote Amy Waldman in the New York Times in a story titled “In a World of Good Causes, Beware Waste and a Few Crooks.”