Opportunity for Lupus Investigators — NIH’s Recovery Act “GO” Grants

Applications for NIH's Research and Research Infrastructure "Grand Opportunities" (GO) grants are due April 27, 2009.

The "GO" grants program will support large-scale research projects that accelerate critical breakthroughs, early and applied research on cutting-edge technologies, and new approaches to improving the synergy and interactions among multi- and interdisciplinary research teams.

The underlying goal of the two-year "GO" grants: to lay the foundation for new fields of investigation.

Supported research, which will vary in amount awarded, will be short-term but high-impact and large-scale, and will provide a significant likelihood of enabling growth and investment in biomedical research and development, public health, and health care delivery.

Novel approaches are sought, in areas that address specific knowledge gaps, scientific opportunities, new technologies, data generation, and research methods that would benefit from an influx of funds to quickly advance the area in significant ways.

Applicants may propose to address either a specific research question or propose the creation of a unique infrastructure/resource designed to accelerate scientific progress in the future.

This trans-NIH program uses the NIH RC2 award mechanism. It's one of a number of new NIH initiatives related to the Recovery Act, all of which are listed at http://grants.nih.gov/recovery/.